Tagore Public Higher Secondary, School

Affiliated to MP Board.

Salient Features:

  • To hold and manage educational endowments, to erect, equip and maintain schools and colleges, laboratories, libraries and to make regulations relating to the residence and conduct of students, studding and residing in the institutions, maintained and managed by the Trust.

  • committed to keeping parents informed about their student's progress and seek opportunities to incite their active support of Tagore- English Medium School and its student's.

  • Ideal environment to develop the student's latent talents, creativity and spontaneous expression.
  • Individual attention with an enviable teacher-pupil ratio of 1:20.
  • Modern methods and strategies of teaching with emphasis on conceptual learning through activities.
  • Recognition to the fact that every child has a special role to play.
  • Inculcates noble, spiritual and aesthetic sense.
  • Educational process has to be dynamic so as to absorb and keep abreast with all the changes that are taking place in the world all over in the fields of sciences, humanities and teaching methods. It is our endeavour to blend the traditional methods with the modern developments to retain balance.
  • The focus is on the Child, his strengths and his weak areas. Through individual attention, we ensure that education becomes a joyful, happy and rewarding experience.
  • We are conscious of the fact that the slow learner should not hamper the progress of the bright students. The slow learners are additionally coached to catch up with the bright ones. We believe that PAP-Peer Assistant Practice, where each slow learner is basically a flier & given proper guidance, encouragement and motivation.
  • We foster in them love for God, care and concern for fellow beings and love for the nature. Emphasis is on character building qualities. Discipline enforced does not inhibit a child but ensures his orderly growth. We try to make them models of excellent conduct and behaviour.
  • Moulds students into useful, confident and self-reliant citizens of tomorrow.
  • focus upon a learning community working cooperatively to assist each child to succeed at the highest level possible.
  • value each child as a whole person within an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for individual differences.